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My History...

Well, i was born and raised here in Miami. My parents are strict-annoying Cubans and that's all I will say about that! I am 23 years old, and i have been on my own for over 6 years. After high school, I thought I wanted to work with Deaf children. I did some volunteer work to see if it was truly for me. the kids were incredible, but I realized I could not stand o see them move on and would become too attached. So I worked as a waitress and saved my pennies to until I decided what I would study. After a couple of years, I became restless and signed up for a quickie course to do anything. I studied masage therapy which in the end, I adored. I practiced for four years when I fracturd my wrist in two places. Unfortunately, one of he bones never healed correctly and I was forced into ealry retirement. At the time, I was working wih The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Miami. They were nice enough to keep as a receptionist and eventually I proved myself and was promoted to Supervisor.

Working there fine-tuned my proffesional and customer skills. I also learned something very important about myself. I hate rich snobs. Let me ammend that, I hate famous rich snobs. I also came face to face with company politics. I realized this is normal, but it was not for me. This realization, (and the fact that I had saved a few pennies) pushed me to finally go to college and get a new career.

My Dreams

My Resume